Data crunching? New robotics applications? Uncovering industrial IoT through AI, AR and VR?

23rd Oct, 2017 - 1st Feb, 2018


Why This Course Is Super Cool?

Create, prototype and test your working solution with actual stakeholders. Utilize proprietary resources (data, software, hackable hardware, options for immersion into current operational context for needs exploration, etc.) of the partner companies, MakerSpace and UnternehmerTUM. Pitch feasible and holistic solutions for existing customer needs. Enjoy an individualized learning process suited to your team-specific needs provided by experienced entrepreneurs and founders on business design, tech development, team development, and methodology for project development (e.g., empathic exploration, ideation, iterative development).

Key Aspects

Target Group

Students from all disciplines. Most fitting applicants are selected based on their background, interests and motivation.


Free for all participants. In addition, teams get budget for prototyping.

More Benefits?

  • Free access to MakerSpace and machine courses.
  • Lab Course in English, up to 6 ECTS (faculty-dependent)
  • Chance to get awards for winning ideas



23 October (from 5:30pm)


Intro to course, partner companies, "Challenge Fair" with snacks and drinks


24 October - 3 November


"Challenge Deep Dive" workshops to facilitate team formation around challenges and project ideas


7 November - 14 December


On-demand coaching sessions per team for ideation, tech development, product design and team development.


14 December - 20 December


Present interim status to respective Challenge Owner to get feedback


20 December - 30 January


Finalize deliverables, on-demand coaching sessions per team


1 February


Showcase final concept with prototype, poster, teaser video, hand in business plan


Robotics Challenge

Texas Instruments (TI) invites multidisciplinary teams of students to use their engineering and creativity skills to solve real-world problems related to robotics. Participants will receive TI tools to explore their idea in the area of data collection to be processed by a robotics platform. An amazing opportunity to get experience processing real data, developing a professional network inside TI, and learning while solving a real problem with the latest technology from TI, as well as winning tech prizes!

IoT Challenge

MakerSpace, the high-tech prototyping workshop as grounds to home-made tech from TUM such as the WARR Hyperloop and ProGlove, is just getting cooler! The maker's paradise is, together with SAP, in the making of a scalable IoT platform connecting their machines and processes. By joining this track, you can invent the way sensors can be utilized to stream data to the cloud, the way that data can be stored and processed, or devise creative approaches to providing and visualizing the data to serve emerging needs. Want to join the crew?

AI & ML Challenge

OKIKO invites you to challenge the intelligence boundaries of their filter system through AI and ML. We already have basis to check whether every product or item in the shopping baskets of our clients (kids & teens from 7 to 17) are suited to their age. To excel in that, we are in search of more structured, sustainable and scalable methods which can identify, extract and utilize more detailed information on shoppable items. First hand information from our merchants are just the beginning of our search for other items our clients can buy. To enhance our self-added data sources for achieving even more qualified information, we strive for an approach that automatically defines an age-limit on each item, without human assistance as an ongoing process. AI or ML solutions? Bot technologies? Other alternatives? Join us in our ongoing efforts and see the impact you make directly in the context of our thriving startup!

Voice Challenge

Join us in our quest to leverage the power of voice technology to improve the life of people, not by replacing human interaction but by complementing human interaction in the best possible way. Work with the experienced, vibrant, and multidisciplinary team at VUI.Agency to revolutionize the home of the future for the elderly and for disabled people. Thrive on the challenge to combine hardware solutions, machine learning, and VUI design in order to deliver a comprehensive solution. Make it your goal to solve the needs of people whose voice can be their path to greater independence and higher quality of life. And finally, just enjoy working in a result-oriented, agile development setting that aims to deliver the best outcomes for this captivating vision.


Supported by


Nuria Llin

Nuria Llin is Business Development Manager for Texas Instruments University Program in Europe, Middle East & Africa. She is responsible for the development & implementation of marketing programs for education, working closely with university professors & researchers.

Tristan de Cande

Innovation enthusiast in my heart with my specialization in Management of Technology and Innovation from EM Lyon business school, I dedicated my early career in Texas Instruments to bring the right tools to students in order to make their technical projects become reality.

Stefan Schauer

Stefan Schauer is a systems engineer for SimpleLink MSP432 microcontroller (MCU) team at Texas Instruments. His experience covers a wide range of serial communication interface standards, microcontroller design and programming, and verification on application level.

Sushrut Kumar Pattar

I am pursuing my Masters in Power System Engineering from Hochschule Darmstadt. I did my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Worked in Bosch, India on Software development for Hyundai automobile. Now doing my internship in Texas Instruments, Freising.

Vincent Zenkner

I am enthusiastic about the MakerSpace. I am interested in individuals, start-ups and companies that comes up with an idea and pursues it. Whatever the project, we have the machines, equipment and experts who help you complete your work!

Dr. Felix Kalischewski

As Co-Innovation Architect from SAP, Felix Kalischewski is the point of contact for all questions regarding the SAP Software and Service Portfolio and how to successfully leverage its benefits individually for every Start-Up. His particular focus area are Co-Innovations in close collaboration of SAP and the Start-Up with special regards to IoT-Scenarios.

Erik Winterberg

Erik is one of the founders of OKIKO. He is the head of Finance & Accounting. He brings in his 20 years of experience in product development & education and has conducted many studies about marketing towards kids, teens & families.

Sebastian Leppert

Sebastian is one of the founders of OKIKO. He is the head of Development & Application Engineering. He brings in his 23 years of experience in business management & online-technologies. He specializes in development, security, strategy & implementation.

Dr. Christoph Esslinger

Christoph is Head of VUI Design and Data Modeling at VUI.Agency combining his life long passion for great UX and language design. He has extensive practical experience in VUI design for DAX30 enterprises and thrives on leveraging the power of voice technology and data to drive our life into the future

Alexander Meissner

Alexander Meissner is a passionate digital strategist and CTO at VUI.Agency. He has 12 years of professional experience in web development serving clients like Pfizer, Conde Nast, Burda and Fitness First. He is thrilled to share his expertise with TUM students in order to build the future of voice.


Dr. Aylin Koca

Aylin Koca is manager of the UnternehmerTUM unit “Lectures & Seminars” and therewith responsible for the education of students and PhD students, as well as lecturing. She has gained extensive practical experiences abroad as cofounder and managing director of her own startup .

Dr. Dominik Boehler

Dominik Böhler is as manager of the UnternehmerTUM unit “Lectures & Seminars” responsible for the education of students and PhD students, as well as for lecturing. He holds a diploma in business administration, with a major in entrepreneurship, and a PhD in information systems.

Vivek Sethia

Vivek Sethia is currently pursuing his Masters in Informatics. He has attended the course Spring School as one of the participants and was also a part of the Summer School management team. His interests include IoT, Machine Learning, Chatbots and Voice based applications.

Jens Pohl

Jens is Head of Design of tado° a venture capital funded internet of things (IoT) company and leads product design and brand development. He is an Expert Mentor at Google, speaker and guest lecturer at UnternehmerTUM and CDTM. He has a background in engineering & industrial design.

Vladimir Podolskiy

Vladimir Podolskiy is currently working on his Ph.D. thesis in cloud computing at TUM. He also teaches lab courses in cloud computing and Internet of Things at the Chair of Computer Architecture. His research interests are in the area of intelligent and distributed cloud applications tuning.

Anastasia Myasnichenko

Anastasia Myasnichenko is currently studying Management & Technology and works as a student assistant at the Chair of Computer Architecture at the TUM. She coordinates several courses as well as supports communications of the Chair with UnternehmerTUM.

Patrycja Krauzowicz

Patrycja Krauzowicz coordinates lectures and seminars for students and academics, mainly the business plan seminars and the lecture "Innovative Entrepreneurs". She has gained work experience in project management in the translation sector.

Duc Huy Dinh Le

Duc Huy Dinh Le is currently studying Information Systems at the TUM and participates in multiple UnternehmerTUM formats. He supports the Entrepreneurship Education department at UnternehmerTUM with his knowledge, management and skills in photography.

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